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Telescoping Gage Set


Part Number: 50215

Includes 6 gages. 5/16" to 6" Range. Made of hardened  steel.


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Telescoping gages are used to gage large holes and to measure inside distances. These gages are equipped with a plunger that can be locked in the measuring position
by a knurled screw or locking nut in the end of the handle. Maximum measuring capacity is 6 inches. Measurements must be calipered on the gage by a micrometer, as in the case of the small hole gages. They are also used when measurements cannot be taken with a standard micrometer. Telescoping gages are particularly adaptable for roughly bored work and odd sizes and shapes of holes.

To use the telescoping gage loosen the knurled locking nut at the end of the handle. Compress the plungers, place them into the hole to be measured, release the turning handle screw, slightly tilt the telescoping gage, and rock it back and forth slightly, while at the same time gradually tightening the turning handle screw. Remove the gage from the hole. Take measurements only once. Repeated attempts will produce an inaccurate reading. Measure the gage setting with an outside micrometer.





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