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Electronic Digital Calipers
Dial Calipers
Vernier Calipers
Large Size Calipers
Caliper Depth Bases
Outside Micrometers and Sets
Electronic Digital Micrometer
Mechanical Counter Micrometer
Specialty Micrometers
Other Micrometer Sets
Depth Micrometer
Micrometer Stand


Inside Measurement
Dial Bore Gages
Telescoping Gages
Small Hole Gages
Inside Micrometer


Ratcheting Wrench Sets
Ratchet Wrenches


Dial Indicators
Dial Test Indicators
Electronic Digital Indicator
Co-Ax Indicator
Magnetic Indicator Back
Indicator Points
Long Range Indicator Kits
Flex Arm Indicator Kits
Multi Purpose Disk Rotor/Ball joint Kits
Indicator Bases and Holders
Magnetic Base
Flexible Magnetic Base
Hydraulic Magnetic Base
Mini Magnetic Base
Flexible Arm
Universal Indicator Holder


Thickness Gages
Dial Thickness Gage
Electronic Thickness Gage
Gage Blocks

36pc Gage Block Sets
81pc Gage Block Sets
1-2-3- Blocks
Space Blocks
Parallels 10pc Set
Parallels  4pc Set
Angle Tools
Square/Protractor Set
Universal Bevel Protractor
Universal Dial Protractor
Angle Blocks
Adjustable Angle Block
Angle Gages
Center Gage


Brake Repair
Electronic Disk Brake Calipers
Disk Brake Micrometer
Brake Drum Caliper


Thread Pitch Gages
Thread Pitch Diameter Set
Radius Gages
Radius Leaf Gage Set
Feeler Gages
Edge and Center Finder


Squares and Straightedges
Wide Base Squares
Bevel Edge Squares
Machinist Straight Edges
6" Steel Rule


Pivotal Torx / Star Wrenches
Pivotal Torx Sets



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