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Vernier Calipers


Dual Scale Vernier Caliper - offers low cost and versatile measurement of outside, inside, step and depth dimensions. Hardened measurement surfaces, stainless construction and convenient storage cases assure your long and satisfactory use. Crisp bar markings in Inches and Millimeters allow reading of 6" to .001" and 150mm to .02mm

  • Clear Dual Scale (inch and metric)
  • Reads to 0.001" and 0.02mm
  • Hardened measurement surfaces
  • Lockable Jaws

How to read a vernier caliper



Part Number: 50011
6"  Vernier Caliper



Part Number: 50016
24" Vernier Caliper
Part Number: 50017
40" Vernier Caliper
Part Number: 50018
60" Vernier Caliper
Part Number: 50019
  • 80" Vernier Caliper





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